from Hunting Evangeline by Zack Rewey, one of eleven stories in our new supernatural/dark-fantasy anthology


Have you ever seen a fox in a chicken run? The word you’re looking for is frenzy. If it moves, it dies. When I come out of it, there are pieces lying all around me. Don’t ask me to say what bit goes where. The pieces are too small, and I was never any good at jigsaws.

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JR, aka Jesi, is the founding editor of Crimson Melodies Publishing – a micro-press for dark-fantasy with heart. Her formal education was in Information Systems and Technology with a minor in Business, but her passion has always been for all things literary. Outside of Crimson Melodies, Jesi is the PFWA’s Chief Information Officer. When not editing, reading, or attempting to uncover all the writer groups in Greater Philadelphia on behalf of the PFWA, Jesi is a writer, a Dungeons and Dragons Role-Player, and small business technology consultant. There aren’t enough hours in the day, but she works with what she has and one day hopes to be able to publish her own book alongside the authors she’s proud to work with.