from Unrequited Lust by Viktor James Night, one of eleven stories in our new supernatural/dark-fantasy anthology

While he waited, Taen surveyed the clientele.  Most looked human, at least on the surface, and dressed to match the expensive décor of the club.  The few that obviously weren’t – the strange and unrecognizable creatures who had ventured through the portal from places unknown – kept mostly to themselves.

It wasn’t the patrons that concerned him, anyway.  Taen focused most of his attention on the vampire behind the bar, Walter Krause.  On the surface, Walter appeared to be little more than a young human man – handsome, athletic, strong, and despite being an above average example of the species, as fragile as any other.  But behind the youthful mask was a bloodthirsty predator empowered by the gifts of his bloodline, and with a mind sharped by a century of experience.  Like any savvy vampire, he concealed his power well.

As intently as he watched Walter, so too did the vampire keep a keen eye on the rest of the room.  Cunning and observant far beyond the average human, little went on that Walter didn’t know about.  He was, to Taen at least, annoyingly good at his job.

“Hey,” a female voice said from beside his table, dripping with mischief.  “Whacha doing?”

A stunningly attractive woman with long chestnut hair and a vibrant red dress leaned on the empty chair at his side.  Her rosy cheeks and twinkling green eyes framed a broad, white smile.

Looking past the stolen human body to the spirit residing within, Taen immediately recognized her. “Go away, Sil.”

“Why, thanks,” Sil replied, placing a foot on the base of the high chair to hoist herself up onto it. “I’d love to join you.”

Taen folded his hands together and rested them on the edge of the table. “What are you doing here?”

“I was curious why you body-jacked the most boring looking man in a hundred mile radius to sit here for the last three hours.”

“I did not body-jack him, Sil.  I asked.  I always ask.”

“And that’s proving my point,” she replied, slapping her hand on the table. “Anyone willing to give someone else their body just to sit around and do nothing for hours and hours is definitely boring.  And kind of plain, too.  What are you doing sitting here in a boring, unattractive guy, Taen?”

“Just enjoying the scenery,” Taen said.  “How did you come by your host?  You took hold of her against her will, no doubt.”

“Yeah,” Sil replied with a giggle. “I can feel her squirming in here.  She’s settled down some, but boy did she put up a fight at first.”  She paused, running her hands over her curves.  “I like this one, too.  I’m going to enjoy taking her for a ride.”

“Then ride her around somewhere else.  I’m busy.”

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