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Base Prices


  • Choice of MOBI or EPUB file
  • Basic Formatting Package
  • No Interior Images


  • Includes MOBI and EPUB files
  • Basic Formatting Package
  • 1-2 Interior Images

a la carte features

Formatting Package Options
Choice of three different looks for your finished ebook

Custom Content Pages
(about author, email list sign-up, other books by, etc)
includes up to 5 External Web Links
$5 each for first three | $8 each for additional

External Web Links
(priced separately than those included on Custom Content Pages)
$2 each

Whether you are publishing for the first time or updating a previously published book, our services can streamline the process of getting your work into readers' hands with a professional look.

Read this page carefully before purchase.

1-2 weeks from time of purchase (Please remember to check again if you bookmark this page for the future)

Multiple ebook conversion packages are not currently available through our web form. We do not offer discounts on less than three books. All files should be ready for conversion at time of purchase. If you need more than one ebook converted and want to request more information, please contact

Purchase of a single conversion can be upgraded to a MOBI + EPUB if done so within three days (72 hours) of original purchase.


We specialize in converting FICTION books. If you have a NON-FICTION book you’d like us to consider, please contact us at before purchase.

- no charts or tables
- no footers or other “on page” reference elements
- no more than three images and all images must be at least 250px x 250px (if your book requires more than three images, contact to inquire)
- cover image must be at least 1400px on the smallest side, with a 1.5:1 or 1.6:1 ratio (meaning a 1400px wide cover image would need a height of either 2100px or 2240px)

Prepare your book for conversion:

- clearly marked chapters and sections
- use [***] (without the brackets) on a single line for scene breaks during chapters
- use a consistent method of paragraph formatting throughout your manuscript
- do NOT use extra spaces to adjust line or character placement; use only the alignment functions of your word program
- use a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial or Courier New
- use 10-12pt font for the body text, use 14-18pt font for chapter or other headings
- be aware symbols may not convert properly; this is one reason to use a standard front

Your book will not be converted until these requirements are met. A new submission file will be requested if any requirement is not met. Resubmission requests will outline what changes are needed.

Our goal is to make every conversion error free. We will not send you any MOBI or EPUB that has not been thoroughly checked. If, for some reason, there is a problem with the files you receive, contact with the subject line “PROBLEMS WITH [the title of your book]” and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

We recommend the following:

1. Crimson Melodies does NOT proofread your book. Proof your file for syntax, grammar, and spelling. Once your ebook has been converted, we will not make changes and you will need to purchase another conversion.
2. Include details about any formatting you may have struggled with while preparing your file for submission. This can save time and prevent errors by letting our formatters know what to keep an eye out for.
3. Create a copyright page and ensure it appears within the first 1-5 pages of your book file. Click for an example of what this should look like: Copyright Page Example (Please note: Our copyright page example is only a guide. It should not be used as a substitute for understanding copyright as it pertains to any published work. Crimson Melodies is not the publisher of your work.)

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Our ebook conversion service requires the customer to hold all relevant copyrights to any work they submit. Customers acknowledge that by using our service, they agree to accurately represent themselves and the content of their files. Crimson Melodies is not responsible for any infringement resulting from misrepresented, inaccurate, or incomplete information provided by customers. If a customer is discovered to have infringed on another’s copyright, we will cooperate with those affected by the infringement and the customer will be banned from using any Crimson Melodies Author Service.

This is a new service being offered by Crimson Melodies. We may update the content of this page from time to time. Please be aware that terms, prices, turnaround times, instructions, and other details may be amended. If changes to this agreement are made while we are working on your files, we will honor the version that existed at the time of your purchase.