We are Crimson Melodies, a micro-press which specializes in novels, short-stories, visual poetry, and select knick-knacks, most of which are centered around the paranormal, supernatural, preternatural, and macabre.

Our Niche: Dark-Fantasy with Heart

Here, you’ll find fiction that is equal measures dark and heartfelt. A playground of gifted and twisted creatures stalk the shadows and roam the pages of our tales. The hero may not have a clean victory, the guy might not get the girl, but you’ll want to keep reading to know how it ends, and then come back for more.

It’s also our privilege to showcase our wares at local conventions. We’ve exhibited at Philadelphia Comic Con, Otakon, Zenkaicon, J1 con, and many others. By partnering with local artisans, we bring our books and a selection of handcrafted goods that fit with our dark-fantasy/supernatural focus.

CMP is a registered LLC

 What We Do:
Here at Crimson Melodies, we’ve been machete-slashing our way through the jungle of independent publishing since 2009. Our founders have been content creators for nearly a decade and every year brings a new book (or three), a renewed pledge to getting even better at what we do, and putting the word out there that we are proud of our creations (as well as where to buy them if they catch your fancy).

Our credits so far include USA Today Bestselling Author Peter Dawes’ Vampire Flynn series, his new Deathspell series, and the Amazon Bestselling Horror Anthology Nocturnal Embers. P.W. Davies is joining us as a new joint author adventure and will be debuting a first novel, titled Follow Him Home, in the upcoming year.

 We routinely partner with the Philadelphia Free Writer’s Association and the National Novel Writing Month organization

  • Providing free content such as editing workshops and literary speaking events throughout the year
  • Working alongside our local NaNoWriMo leaders to arrange pre-NaNo writing seminars
  • Sponsoring writers’ social events at least twice a year

Want to connect with us? Crimson Melodies Publishing is on Twitter and Facebook and this link will take you to our direct contact page.