From Peter Dawes and P.W. Davies, a new gay dark paranormal romance

Danny Turner had sex last night. At least, he’s pretty sure that’s what happened. Memory gaps, strange wounds on his neck, and blood-stains on his clothing lead him on a quest to recreate a wild night spent at his favorite club, Nocturne. When his journey brings him to a vampire feeding den, he finds out that you only get one chance to walk away – and his curiosity blew it. The vampire who marked him is a two-hundred-year-old man named Liam Quinn. Together with his immortal child, Mari, Liam struggles over what to make of the headstrong human. After all, you only survive for two-centuries if you have rules. Something about Danny tempts Liam to bend more than a few, though, while Mari determines to break some entirely. Whatever happens next, Danny’s life as he knew it is over. He just needs to stay alive long enough to show Liam that he’s worth the trouble.

Dark Fantasy

Romantic Suspense

Historical Fantasy

Paranormal Romance


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